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Official 7 Minute Workout App Launch Revolutionizes Fitness at Your Fingertips

Fitness guru Chris Jordan, creator of the official “7 Minute Workout” has developed the “7 Minute Workout App,” launching today. Guided by the science of the original workout, the 7 Minute Workout app, available on both iOS and android devices (on Jan 21), lets users customize workouts based on individual fitness levels and preferences. Jordan created the original program for a corporate athlete audience, but his ultimate goal is to motivate the masses to get fit. Using body weight exercises, that can be performed anywhere, at anytime, by those of varied fitness levels, the workouts require no previous experience and, even better news, no equipment.

Chris Jordan's "Official 7 Minute Workout App" launches today at the Apple IOS app store. 
How does this revolutionary free app take things a step – or three – further than the Official 7 Minute Workout? 
In a word: Variety. It’s well documented that changing things up is key to keeping consistent with workouts. Variety keeps a workout interesting, minimizes muscle fatigue and, most importantly, encourages adherence– the ultimate goal of any fitness regimen. So how much diversity are we talking? Mix and match workouts – tailored by the individual under the tutelage of an on-screen trainer – offers more than 1,000 fitness experiences, combining high intensity interval training along with body weight training, for a powerful force. The 7 Minute Workout App also offers 36 body resistance exercises and 12 additional workouts, all developed and tested by Jordan.
The app’s “Smart Workout” feature uses science-based coaching techniques combined with behavioral modification questions to help make exercise a healthy habit. By marrying sport psychology with personal fitness levels the app algorithm creates workouts that take into account cognitive support. The customizable programs allow users who are ready to take things up a notch the ability to decrease rest intervals and increase cycles… stagnant workouts are not permitted on the 7 Minute Workout app!

The app’s other key features are also sure to be a hit with users. High-quality videos and easy-to-use interfaces guide each exercise, keeping safety and effectiveness at the helm. Unsure of proper plank form? No problem. Watch the video while you execute the technique. And the 7 Minute Workout app doesn’t underestimate the power of music in a workout, letting users access their iTunes accounts for maximum motivation.

With roots in the corporate fitness arena, Chris Jordan’s work includes a variety of Fortune 500 companies and garnered particular recognition form New Brunswick-based Johnson & Johnson Company CEO Alex Gorsky. A West Point graduate who instills workplace fitness in his headquarters, Gorsky hands out 7 Minute Workout cards to motivate and improve employee energy levels. Dr. Fik Isaac, VP of J&J Global Health, mentions, “Johnson & Johnson is committed to helping individuals live healthier lives, and we hope this mobile app will make it easier for more people to invest in their health at work, at home, or wherever they are. “

Corporate athletes and fitness novices alike can rejoice with the advent of Chris Jordan’s 7 Minute Workout app. With regular compliance of the customized high intensity workouts, offers an opportunity for a real impact on the general population – Jordan’s mission to shape up the masses is just around the corner.

Team of medical staff assist NFL gamedays

Sure you see athletic trainers on the sidelines of allNFL games, but did you ever wonder how many healthcare professionals were on the field at a given time? According to the National Football League Physicians Society (NFLPS), would you believe there are 27? That works out to be more than one medical professional for every player on the field.

NFL.jpgThe doctors are in the house throughout every stadium on NFL game days. 
Physicians, Orthopedists, primary care physicians, chiropractors, neuro-trauma consultants, radiology technicians, airway management physicians, paramedics, and even dentists and ophthalmologists – and yes, athletic trainers (four per team, to be exact) are all on hand as in-stadium medical support on NFL game days. As per the NFLPS, these medical professionals are on the field or in the booth monitoring players and providing care to patients before, during and after games.

The NFLPS’ goal, under the leadership of President Matthew Matava, MD, who also serves as head team physician for the St. Louis Rams, is to sustain the health and safety of NFL patients on and off the field and to work with trainers, therapists, chiropractors and other specialists as a team. Theirs is not an easy job: at times these medical professionals face tough moments on the field, including life-changing diagnoses that can end careers.

With football being a collision sport, requiring the tackling of others for the game to be played, some of the most common injuries include: broken ribs, abdominal and kidney injuries, spleen lacerations, cardiac and pulmonary contusions and orthopedic damage. Of course there is the increased scrutiny regarding head injuries in football players. To this end, beginning in the 2013 season, neuro-trauma consultants are present on both sidelines to assist team doctors in diagnosing concussions.

Since its inception nearly 40 years ago, the NFLPS has seen many changes with the most significant one being a more scientific approach to the practice of sports medicine. Scientific innovations and clinical research have helped physicians treat athletes of all types with greater success in the areas of concussions, surgical techniques and rehabilitation. It’s clear that as science and medicine keep evolving, the NFLPS will be at the forefront of this research fulfilling its goal to provide top-notch, comprehensive care to its elite athlete patients.

PPTS client Eliza Johnson conquers the Hoboken City Challenge

Congratulations to the Hoboken City Challenge obstacle race organizers and finishers on a well organized and exciting event. The Hoboken City Challenge was an out-and-back race that started in the shadow of NYC on Pier A, ran North along Sinatra Drive and finished back on Pier A.

citychallenge.jpgThe award for finishing the Hoboken City Challenge. This alone is worth the challenge of the race. 
If this sounds like the rest of the 5K races along the waterfront, let me tell you about the obstacles. There were 15 obstacles ranging from jumping police barricades, monkey bars, rope climbs, jumping over police cruisers (brought my friend Adam back to his past), carrying sand bags, water jugs and even climbing cargo-nets. This craziness is not only fun but will also improve your fitness.

Why are these races beneficial? Standard running races such as a 10K allow you to reach a steady state. Runners reach a steady when they achieve a balance between the energy required by working muscles and the rate of oxygen and delivery for energy production (running). Although steady state is beneficial for running long distances, it does not greatly or efficiently improve fitness levels. Add a few obstacles that tax the cardiovascular system or engage different muscle groups and the course brings you out of your comfort zone. Anytime you exercise out of your comfort zone you will burn more calories, have greater increases in strength and improve cardiovascular fitness. Combine this with the challenge of unknown obstacles and you have yourself a great fitness event.

A special congratulations to NJ adventure racers Adam Wright and Eliza Johnson who conquered the course by making it look easy. If you have never entered an adventure race, there is still time. The last heat is 1pm. Go get em!

NY Giants move to electronic medical records system

The NY Giants are converting their players’ medical records from paper to an electronic record management (EMR) system. Currently, the Giants are one of eight teams in the NFL that have converted to EMR.

The “pluses” are many: Primarily, EMR enables the Giants organization to more efficiently track the health care of their athletes with portable, comprehensive records at their fingertips.

The sharing and accessibility of records translates into a plethora of positives for the Giants players and the organization in general: First, because all medical records are stored in the online cloud for accessibility by the team’s entire medical staff, the result is less radiation as the need for multiple x-rays/MRI’s is eliminated; test results are immediately sent to every team doctor for viewing on iPads or desktop computers versus struggling to view the films on the sidelines. Second, EMR allows doctors to be better informed about and track position-specific injuries. Having injuries recorded in a database reveals what types of injuries occur at each position and, therefore, may reveal some clues to avoiding these types of maladies. Also, because EMR follows the individual, players coming out of college who have sustained injuries are easy to track using this system. Additionally, EMR is in line with Obamacare’s idea of having healthcare professionals access all medical records nationally.

While an efficient, online medical record system has its advantages, it also comes with a downside. First and foremost, in this age of strict HIPPA Privacy regulations, healthcare providers must ensure security in the manner medical records are shared. Information that only a doctor was privy to at one time can now be easily read by an entire medical team. And like any new system, EMR experiences its share of glitches.

nygiantsemr.gifNY Giants move to EMR system for handling players' medical records. 
At the heart of this move to EMR is Massachusettes-based eClinicalWorks, a company with roots in ambulatory healthcare IT solutions, with more than 470,000 healthcare providers nationally using their solutions.

Bottom line: In the past, when players became free agents or were traded, teams would have to produce nearly 500 page files detailing injuries and medical issues. With the ease of sending full records via Email or thumb drive, and all the benefits of moving to an EMR, is it possible to go back to medical records the old-fashioned way?

NFL moves forward in brain injury treatment

This is the first in a series of blogs from’s in-depth look inside the Quest Diagnostics Performance Center, the official training facility of the NY Giants. The tour, provided by both the Giants and the NFL Physicians Society (NFLPS), gave us an inside look at how NFL doctors and trainers work together to provide constant, comprehensive medical attention for athletes. Today we take a look at how the NFLPS is addressing the epidemic of concussion and brain injury in contact sports.

Sure the statistics are scary: it is estimated that more than 3,800,000 Sports Brain Injuries occur per year; 300,000 of these result in loss of consciousness; and more than 80% go unrecognized and therefore unreported. Both the NY Giants and the NFLPS have taken real measures to ensure the safety of their elite athletes. We had the opportunity to meet with key members of the NY Giants and the NFLPS, including President Matt Matava (also head team physician for the St. Louis Rams) and Ronnie Barnes, head athletic trainer and senior vice president of Medical Services for the Giants, to discuss concussions, both a timely and hot topic of late.

x2biosystems.jpgX2 Biosystems software such as this is being used by the NY Giants to help diagnose concussions. 
The NFL has adopted the neurological assessment X2 Biosystems software, for use in tablet displays, to help them diagnose concussions. After a pilot test last year, every NFL team will be using the X2 software this season, and its being touted as easier, faster and more consistent than traditional baseline testing methods. X2 is designed to com are measurements after a "big-hit" to a baseline measurement via touch screen questions that the athlete must answer in a recorded amount of time. Real-time data and player-specific information (instant access to past and present medical information is available) provided by X2 helps team doctors decide whether a player should return to the field or take further testing.

Complementing this cutting-edge technology, medical personnel is also being ramped up both on and off the field during NFL games. There are more than 25 medically trained staff on the field during a game, in addition to the trainers who sit in the team booth and are able to report injuries, view them in slow motion video, and relay findings to the trainers on the field quickly and accurately.

Without a doubt, medical staffs are learning more about the brain through research conducted with outside sources and with the NFL physicians society. This will benefit all athletes ranging from Pop-Warner to the NFL.

Congratulations to our Adult Recess Newport Liberty Half Marathon Finishers

With perfect running temperatures, 3,000 runners gathered behind the start line to participate in the 20th Annual Newport Half Marathon in Jersey City. This flat course, considered one of the most beautiful in the Tri-State area, features scenic views of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. This is an ideal race for novice to elite runners.

newportlibertyhalf1.jpegCongratulations to team PPTS. From left to right, Aileen Birch, Paul Groenewal, Bernard Del Rey, Eliza Johnson 
Aileen Birch, Paul Groenewal, Bernard Del Rey and Eliza Johnson all completed the half marathon with impressive finishing times. Our runners followed the ultimate half marathon training manual designed by Professional Personal Training Systems. This manual includes nutrition plans, strength training and periodized running schedules, as well as stretches and running based exercises beneficial for all runners. The manual provides athletes with different workouts that will help you perform at peak mental and physical conditions.

If you have decided to run a half marathon, congratulations in taking the first step! PPTS offers the perfect training program that is designed for you! The plan is easy to follow and provides a variety of training that allows you to gradually build your endurance at an appropriate and safe rate. Just as our manual helped out our fellow PPTS runners, it is guaranteed to help you reach your optimal running goals as well! For more information on the half marathon training manual, please contact George Guerin at Ready, set, go! Don’t wait any longer. Start training this Fall!

Why you should add weight lifting to your workout immediately

Weight training has many benefits! As a seasoned trainer, I see too many people hit the gym only sticking to the elliptical or treadmill. I recently read in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, in a study that included over 5,500 adults (aged 20 and older), only 11.2% of men and 6.3% of women lift weights. As a health and fitness professional, we have our workouts a bit backwards.

Cardiovascular exercise is important (especially if you want to burn calories), however, the benefits of weight training are far more beneficial. The benefits include:

  • improved body composition 
  • improved metabolic rate 
  • decrease injury 
  • decrease incidence of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis 
  • increase strength 
  • decrease pain 
  • bone density increases 
  • improved balance, coordination and agility 
  • improved sport performance 
  • look better!

This is just scratching the strength training benefit surface. If you are a gym-goer that walks by the weights to get only to the treadmill, ask a professional how to start a safe and effective strength training routine (and then hit the treadmill).  You will be shocked how great you look and feel after 10 weeks of strength training.


Congratulations to Katie Buckles, officially a 5 miler!

How to properly do a reverse lunge

PPTS Trainer Sarah Flogel demonstrating the proper technique to do a reverse lunge. Lunges improve balance, hip mobility and coordination. The reverse lunge on the slide board will activate your glutes and quads while working balance and stability. 

PPTS Wellness client Pam Reed finishes the Badwater ultramarathon

The Badwater Ultramarathon is the world's toughest foot race. It is a 135 mile course starting at 282 feet below sea level in the Badwater Basin, in California's Death Valley, and ends at an elevation of 8360 feet. It takes place every July, when the weather conditions are most extreme and temperatures reach over 120 degrees.

We want to congratulate PPTS client Pam Reed for her solid finish in this year's Badwater Ultra Marathon.  She was the 2nd woman to finish in a time of 31 hours, six minutes and forty-three seconds. Pam conquered 117 degree temps, strong winds and cold nights. What amazes us the most is how great she felt after the finish.  She actually woke up at 6am the next morning for a training run.  We can't coach that kind of determination!  Go Pam!